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About Us

We distribute upmarket quality products

Jaydex Distribution (Pty) Ltd distribute upmarket quality products, mostly associated with celebrations, romance, style and luxury.

Our products include the finest red and white South African wines, as well as our 24ct gold leaf Golden Sparkler and Peter Brum sparkling wines.

We are a modern and sophisticated brand based on the Ancient Egyptian Philosophy of life celebration and the fantasy of love and romance.

Our Cat – Bast, Goddess of Joy and Protector of Women

Bast was the Egyptian goddess of joy and protectress of the Royal House of the two lands. She was regarded as a kind and happy goddess who brought good fortune, music, dance and love.

Bast is your goddess and her independent spirit and flexibility calls to you today

Bast is your goddess and her independent spirit and flexibility calls to you today. Bast was the daughter of Ra. The Egyptians believed that in the day this beautiful goddess would ride through the sky with her father and by night she would transform into a cat and protect Ra from the evil serpent Apep. Just like Bast, you are a free spirit. You know what you want and how to get it.

You embrace your femininity and know exactly how to use your charms to win people over. You have an army of admirers, but you tend to keep them at arm’s length. An idea’s person, you are inventive and resourceful. You like to have fun, and if that means partying to the wee small hours, then that’s what you’ll do. You enjoy the company of men and women, and you’re particularly protective of your close friends.

If Bast has stepped into your world today, then the message is clear: accept your feline gifts. Make the most of your inherent ability to adapt to situations. Stretch your comfort zone and try something new. You work best at night, so take up an evening class. Bast was known for her all-seeing eye, which could penetrate the darkness.

Develop your own third eye. Light a black candle, take a bowl of water and let your gaze probe its depths. Don’t force anything, let the images and impressions come to you and make a note of them. Burn catnip to help you relax and carry a handful in a charm bag – this will boost your confidence and also help you connect with others. Remember, there’s a time to be independent and a time to open your heart.

Bast is associated with: Music, dance, pleasure, women, fertility and protection