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The Peter Brum Family of Noblesse German Wines. Defined by its core pillars; success, continuity, and nobility, Peter Brum sparkling wines was founded by Peter Brum in 1636, in Germany, when the Noblesse German Wines were born. The term NOBLESSE indicates the wine comes from premium, noble grapes. The origin of these premium grapes can be traced back to Germany's Rheinhessen and Mosel-Saar-Ruwer.

Pruning is essential to manage the vigor and control the harvest. If vines are pruned hard, leaving only two to three buds, it reduces the yield, but vastly promotes the quality of grapes. This technique of cutting is called "short wood". We take care to select our grapes produced from "short wood" for their outstanding quality, making wine to enhance your drinking pleasure.

We provide quality red and white vintages in 21 litre stainless wine tanks. Catering for a large event and don’t want to have bottles of wine which amounts to wastage, broken bottles etc, then try our 21l stainless wine tanks. We will drop them off for you at your event and collect the next day. No mess and no fuss. Red and white cultivars are available. Ideal for Corporate functions, weddings, events, home parties, theatres, launches etc.

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Jaydex Distribution (Pty) Ltd launches it first “Ghosts of the Future” wine label. This proudly South African brand brings the famous South African Pinotage and Sauvignon Blanc to market. As part of our responsible drinking, drinking for a cause campaign, we have entered into a pledge agreement with the Mark Boucher Foundation, www.insafehands.co.za. As the main beneficiary, the foundation will receive R10 from each bottle sold towards the foundation’s Rhino saving initiatives.

Background to this initiative:

Inspired by the artwork of European artist Eugenia Chapman Campbell to create awareness towards Rhino poaching, the wine Ghosts of the Future Pinotage and Sauvignon Blanc wines were realised. This showcases the first of six different wine ranges to be produced by the Imbuko Wine farm in Wellington, Cape Town towards saving our wild life.

We decided on Mark Boucher’s “Rhino’s in safe hands” because of his commitment and dedication to become a leading force in the crucial need to protect our wildlife heritage that is currently being threatened by the scourge of rhino poaching, by contributing to the growth and sustaining of the critical rhino DNA database operated by the University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Veterinary Science’s Genetics Laboratory (VGL) in Onderstepoort, established in 2010.

To date: +/- 10 000 black and white rhino are now on the RhODIS (Rhino DNA Index System) database from all over Africa. Countries in Africa with rhino who are involved in registering their rhino’s (South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi)

Banking Details:

Account name: SAB Boucher
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Type: current
Account no: 273377671
Branch code: 01 46 45 00
Swift code: SB ZA ZA JJ

Soberac™ Capsules, the new detoxifying remedy.

- Metabolises alcohol speedily
- Potent anti oxidant
SOBERAC™ is a natural, specifically designed unique health supplement, of high potent natural compounds, to help metabolise and reduce the effects of alcohol.

Made up of a unique blend of plant materials that are scientifically formulated to enhance the metabolism of alcohol. The unique antioxidants in SOBERAC™ are indigenous and sourced from the Cape floral kingdom.

SOBERAC™ consists of Mono- and Disaccharides, Milk Thistle extract, Vitamin C, Ginseng and numerous organic Antioxidants. Only the finest quality raw materials are used. These ingredients provide the liver with extra bio-energy to help metabolise alcohol. So it's all the good stuff crammed into one little capsule.

This unique formulated product works with the liver enzymes to enhance the process of alcohol breakdown. This natural product also neutralises the free radicals that cause hangovers, which are then excreted by the body.

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